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Handprinted. Extremely Soft. Vintage Shirts.
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Surf Shirts

Funny Surf Shirts

When you are at the beach, you want to look your best and wear only the best surf shirts that the I Am brand company can offer you. Far too many people go to the beach in junk clothing, knowing that they are going to get hot and sweaty or go into the sea water in their clothing. Odds are good that you’re at the beach both to enjoy yourself but also to strike up a conversation with someone who might be attracted to you; the best way to do this is with these incredibly comfortable shirts. People who value their shirt comfort often search vintage tee shirt shops to find the best surf shirts for them to wear. These vintage tee shirt shops often buy older, serviceable, shirts from goodwill, estate sales, and so on. The reason these shirts are so valued is that older shirts, from the seventies and eighties, were made entirely of cotton; as such, after repeated washing and drying, the cotton has become incredibly soft while still maintaining the vintage appearance of the shirt, even if the decal has long since faded away or flaked off the shirt.

The I Am brand produces surf shirts that are brand new, but still have the incredible amount of comfort and softness that well washed cotton possesses. These shirts get that incredibly soft feeling because of the particular mixture of cloth that is used to make the shirt; rayon is blended with cotton and other fibers to create the weave, and then the shirt is constructed to echo and mirror that vintage look without you having to spend a ridiculous amount of money at a vintage tee shirt shop in order to look your best when on the beach or hanging ten off your long board. Finally, one of the things which really makes these surf shirts unique is the series of designs and the way those decals are imprinted onto the shirt. Instead of being a simple iron on patch which can flake away or peel off, the ink is dyed directly into the fabric so that the design will last as long as the shirt. You can surf safely, knowing that the shirt’s inks are eco friendly and will not harm the beach nor any of the animals that you might encounter while there.

Each of the funny t-shirts also come with their own hand painted fava bean as a personal good luck charm. Each one is unique and hand drawn, so you can have a little piece of Americana resting right in your pocket to keep for good luck, or simply to charm someone while wearing these great surf shirts.

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