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Star Wars Shirts

Star Wars Shirts

For the true geek, there is only one type of shirt to wear; Star Wars shirts. The trouble comes, of course, when trying to find a shirt from back in the decades when the movies originally came out. While there were plenty of shirts made, the ink and stamping process twenty+ years ago is not what it is today. So while those shirts from the seventies and eighties are often amazingly comfortable for having been washed dozens, if not hundreds, of times, often times the shirt can no longer even be identified as a shirt related to the Star Wars franchise. The I Am brand Company has the solution for you, offering various selections of Star Wars shirts to fill the need you have for your favorite fandom as a clothing item. Just like the vintage tees that you can find in collections of old franchise merchandise, these shirts are amazingly comfortable because of the fabric used in their construction. The older shirts were made out of complete cotton and, as such, became incredibly soft after a variety of washes; however, the newer shirts are made of a blend of rayon, cotton, and element fibers that produce a shirt that is just as soft as the old cotton ones, without the necessity of hundreds of time through the wash.

Additionally, the designs on each of the Star Wars shirts is permanently printed onto the shirt through a custom process; this printing is hand done in the United States with the utmost of care, service, and concern. Because the dye is printed directly on the fabric of the tee, and not on a simple iron on, you do not have to worry about it flaking off after numerous trips through the dyer. One of the benefits of buying shirts from the I Am brand name is the ability to get free swag, and occasionally, even free Star Wars shirts. By signing up on the email list when you buy a shirt, you are automatically entered into a daily drawing for free shirts and Funny brand swag – this lets you keep updated on new shirts, new merchandise, and even see some shirts that you might be interested in even if they have nothing to do with the Star Wars franchise.

All of the funny t-shirts are printed in the United States – the printing is done entirely locally by a company that is determined to not have any harsh impact on the environment. The company is eco friendly and makes sure to use dyes that are not going to harm anything – except, perhaps, your wallet! Order your Star Wars shirts today!

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