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Handprinted. Extremely Soft. Vintage Funny T-Shirts.
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Running Shirts

Not Your Average Running Shirt

Regardless if you are running to the finish line or to the bathroom, the I Am Funny brand of vintage running shirts is for you. Emblazoned with a running breaking the finish line between the words “Got the Runs”, these tee shirts are the most comfortable tee shirt that you will ever wear. Printed locally in the United States, these shirts have a vintage feel to them because of how soft they come from the manufacturer. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money to get a shirt from the sixties or seventies, offers on shirts like these can be mailed to your inbox weekly as a free giveaway and daily specials.

For those who see these amusing running shirts for their athletic value, the quality of the shirt remains a constant consideration; in short, a long distance runner producers a ton of sweat which can ruin a shirt or a decal that has been affixed to the shirt. Because the design is custom printed using eco friendly ink, and done in such a way as to not run or get ruined, a tee shirt from I Am Funny Shirts will look, and feel, old while not wearing out quickly. Instead of printing a logo or decal onto the shirt, the design is actually dyed into the fabric itself without impacting how comfortable the shirt remains. One of the really great things about our company is the fact that our funny t-shirts have a sense of humor that the whole family can enjoy and you do not have to worry about offending anyone and people will not be embarrassed to be around you. These funny running shirts can be worn wherever you go and will certainly get a laugh out of the different people that you run across.

Wearing a shirt like this is not just wearing something to cover your torso – it’s a statement about who you are and what you’re into – an additional way of being involved in the running shirts that you wear is to model them, preferably in some kind of action pose, for the website. Just send in your photo, while wearing the shirt, and prepare for instant tee shirt related stardom! Everything about the I Am Funny Shirts brand makes it easy to enjoy their product; from the amazingly soft and comfortable vintage style tee shirts, to the ease of ordering from their website. Beyond that, their weekly emails with specials, deals, and even free shirts make ordering from them even easier. Sign up now and get your running shirts today!

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