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Handprinted. Extremely Soft. Vintage Shirts.
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Music T-Shirts

The Softest Music T-Shirts in the Universe!

Display your music humor with these music t-shirts from I Am Funny – there is no better way to display both your love of music as well as a particular sense of humor than these incredibly comfortable tee shirts. People who understand music notation, or are musicians themselves, are already part of a secret club apart from the rest of the world – a shirt with these hilariously funny and music related comments simply lets other folks know you’re part of the ‘club’. Additionally, instead of just being able to show off your knowledge of music, you’ll be wearing one of the most comfortable shirts you’ll ever own!

Vintage music t-shirts from the sixties and seventies are truly hard to come by; while many companies will produce replicas or replacements, none of them can really match the wonderful comfort of a well washed, well worn, cotton shirt like a vintage tee can. Instead, I Am Funny offers their vintage style tee shirts which come from the factory already as comfortable as those shirts from decades past. Instead of having to hunt from bargain store to bargain store to find a good, non soiled, vintage shirt, you can order one from the comfort of your own home or even from your inbox with weekly emails.

Located in New Orleans, USA, the I Am Funny brand of music t-shirts come into their factory already as comfortable as any vintage tee shirt from the past; this is due to the blend of fabric and fiber that goes into each shirt. Comprised of a partial Rayon blend, before the shirt even has the design printed onto it, it is as soft as if it had been through the wash over a hundred times. Known as the “Rolls Royce” of funny t-shirts, there are no other shirts that are as comfortable and stylish as these ones.

Additionally, you will never have to worry about your shirt design flaking off or cracking and looking worn. I Am Funny brand music t-shirts are made using a special printing process that dyes the design right into the fabric itself; instead of simply printing the logo onto the shirt or using some kind of iron on template. No matter how many washes you send your musical humor tee shirt through, it will come out softer and softer – without looking worn for quite some time.

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