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Math Shirts

Math Shirts That Count

There are millions of tee shirts out on the market, however, not all of them are funny math shirts. What better way to advertise that you are both funny and smart than to have a wonderfully comfortable tee shirt that displays some kind of math concept with a funny or humorous witticism underneath. One such example is the “I will derive” shirt, which is a play on words from the famous “I will survive” song that is a common part of pop culture. One of the reasons you’ll really like these math shirts is that you can wear them and know that they are not only eco friendly, but that they are hand printed in the United States. The printing process is done locally and by hand so that you can purchase these tee shirts knowing that only the best has been created. The dye is printed deeply and directly on the fabric, creating a design that is long lasting and will never flake away – like many other companies’ designs or logos do; this is caused by using cheaper, iron on decal which is not actually part of the shirt. Often times, repeated trips through the dryer or other environmental factors can cause the decal to flake or fade away.

Another reason to favor the I Am brand of math shirts is the process by which they make these shirts wonderfully comfortable. Many people search for older tee shirts that have been passed through estate sales or goodwill stores because the 100% cotton shirts become incredibly soft after repeated washing. The problem with those kinds of shirts, however, is that because they have been through the wash so many times, and the ink was an older and less permanent type, many of the shirts have had the designs faded off entirely. Instead of trying to find some blank, but comfortable tee shirt, you should consider buying some of the math shirts from these wonderful shirt experts. Because of the combination of the ink dying process as well as the fibers used in the shirt, you get the benefit of having a vintage tee shirt feeling while still having the modern designs and clear images that showcase not only your hobbies but your humor.

The I Am brand funny t-shirts come with the full commitment and customer service of every employee of the company from their shipping to their manufacturing department. You can trust the product, service, and support of the company. Sign up for the free email list to find the offers and deals on free math shirts.

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