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Hockey Shirts

Funny Hockey Shirts

When most people think about vintage hockey shirts, they usually tend to think of old jerseys from teams of yesterday; however, these shirts combine the love of hockey with the comfort and feel of a vintage tee shirt from decades gone. Currently, most people get these shirts from places like vintage tee shirt stores that specifically sell older shirts at higher prices or they get the shirts from goodwill or other secondhand places while hoping for the best. What makes a vintage tee shirt desirable is the combination of the style as well as the comfort; both of which are replicated in these hilariously funny, yet amazingly comfy, shirts. The way that the I Am brand company makes these shirts as comfortable as they are is by the particular blend of fibers that are put into every single one of their hockey shirts. By mixing old fashioned cotton with a rayon blend of fibers, it creates a smooth, lived in, feeling with every shirt. Normally this is only gotten by taking a regular cotton shirt and washing it about a dozen times or more – which can wear the shirt out or destroy the design on the front even as it is making the shirt softer and nicer to wear.

With these types of hockey shirts, you do not have to worry about the durability factor. Because they come already as soft as they would be after their hundredth wash, you can start at that comfort level without any loss to the life of the shirt. Further, the decal and design on the funny t-shirts is dyed into the fabric using an eco friendly link that will last as long as the shirt does. Most companies just use iron on decals for their shirts which can flake and peel over time, if not come off entirely.

“Got wood?” these hockey shirts proudly proclaim under the image of a hockey stick. Hockey fans are known for a great number of things, such as fist fights and drinking tons of beer, but not usually for their wry sense of humor. A great way to show off that you can laugh with your best friend next to you at the bar one moment, before punching out his lights over which team will win in the next, is this sporty, yet funny, tee shirt. The I Am brand of clothing combines vintage style with comfort and durability. Sign up for the email list today and receive the exclusive ability to be entered into a drawing for a free shirt on a daily basis, even including hockey shirts.

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