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Golf T-Shirts

Golf T-Shirts For The Worst Golfers

While our golf t-shirts might not be appropriate for the various televised golf tournaments, such as the Masters and so on, gone are the days where polo shirts were an absolute requirement at the golf course. In days gone by, if you were not dressed classy and in what we would now call ‘business casual’, you would not even be let onto the course. Now, however, many golf courses have relaxed their dress code to allow people to come onto the green wearing whatever they want, so why not wear something that is both comfortable and funny. I Am brand golf t-shirts are the perfect solution to this problem because of their unique mixture of flirtatious humor and golf humor. This tee fits any golfer ‘to a tee’, due to the image of the hole and green, with the caption “I’d hit that”, referring both to the ability to hit a hole in one as well as making a funny bit of commentary that is sure to get the opposite gender’s attention. Polo shirts are, frankly, boring – so why not go onto the course for your favorite hobby in a shirt that shows you can not only school someone at their golf game but also have fun while doing so.

Additionally, these golf t-shirts are designed and made to be incredibly comfortable due to their mixture of cotton and rayon. Many folks go buy vintage tee shirts because of the ‘many times washed’ feeling that cotton gets when it has been well laundered, however, instead of buying a used shirt that someone else has worn, why not buy a brand new shirt – and one that is hilariously funny as well? Between the way the shirt is made and the mixture of fibers that make up the shirt, you get one that feels like it has been well loved before, but is completely brand new.Finally, each of these golf t-shirts come with their own lucky charm in the form of a hand painted fava bean. The I Am brand company includes this with all of their funny t-shirts as a combination lucky charm and conversation starter; after all, who carries a painted bean around with them in their pocket? As any sports player will tell you, however, luck is sometimes a large factor in the game and having that unique, one of a kind, bean in your pocket might just make all the difference between a hole in one or the water trap.

With an easy return policy and excellent customer service, I Am brand is the best place to get your golf t-shirts as soon as possible.

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