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Funny Quotes

Funny Quotes and Phrases on Crazy Soft T-Shirts

A shirt with funny quotes on them is all the rage in fashion these days. Everyone is wearing tee shirts that advertise their hobbies, their fandoms, or their particular nerd-isms. As a person walks down the street in almost any metropolitan area, they can find shirts with eighties video game characters, amusing quotes, or some reference to a modern video game, meme, or TV show. No matter if your humor ranges from risqué (a female shirt with the word “motorboat” written across the chest) to the simple, elegant “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), I am Funny brand tee shirts has the shirt for you.

Each shirt comes with one of many funny quotes printed onto the shirt via the company’s special process of design printing. Instead of simply dying the image onto the fabric, or putting on a decal that will simply flake away after a few washes, I Am Funny brand tee shirts dye the image directly into the fibers of the shirt; meaning that no matter how many times you put your shirt through the wash, the image will not decay before the shirt itself does. Wearing a shirt with funny quotes is not enough, however, as each shirt comes with its own hand painted and unique lucky bean. These beans, which come at a rate of one per shirt, range from personal good luck charms for the more superstitious or simply excellent conversation pieces and pocket fiddlers. After all, what better way is there to start a conversation than to show someone the bean you carry around with you that is your very own personal good luck charm? I Am Funny brand funny t-shirts prides themselves on being unique – in their shirts, their designs, and each hand painted Fava Bean.

Carrying around the Fava Bean and wearing one of these shirts can certainly help make your day that much better. The funny quotes that are on the shirts will certainly get a laugh out of the people that see you wearing it. Laughter is the best medicine or so they say and if that is true then you will be prescribing people plenty of laughter. We have a nice assortment of different shirts to choose from.

Join the crowd of people wearing their humor of their sleeve – or in this case, across their chest. I Am Funny brand tee shirts can be ordered from the easy website, or via information mailed to you through your inbox on a weekly basis. Get your lucky Fava Bean and a wonderfully comfortable shirt with funny quotes today!

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