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Handprinted. Extremely Soft. Vintage Shirts.
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Fishing Shirts

Really Soft Fishing Shirts For The True Angler

These fishing shirts from the I Am Brand have the design dyed directly into the shirt through unique sublimation process that you will only find with I Am funny t-shirts. Nothing is worse than pulling that favorite shirt out of the dryer only to find that the decal has flaked away due to the heat – making your previously favorite design now a wonderfully comfortable blank shirt. Because of how the shirts are made, you never have to worry about the decal fading or otherwise coming off of the shirt; the shirt itself will wear out first. The material of the shirt is a tri-blend fabric, which is pretty much the softest shirt you will ever feel. 

Additionally, these shirts are made to follow the vintage look that one gets from classic tee shirts from decades past, even if these fishing shirts are made with modern practices and designs. For example, the I Am brand offers one particular style of shirt displaying a fish going for the lure and showing the quote ‘nice bass’, as a pun on both the hobby and making a joke that should act as a nice conversation starter. Displaying this shirt proves not only that you have hobbies and interests, but also a sense of humor.

Fishing shirts are a great way to advertise your hobby as well as remain both comfortable and humorous while doing so. The I Am brand of t-shirt is specifically designed to give you the best shirt that money can buy in terms of quality, duration, and comfort. Informal shirts are a large part of our society now, with every celebrity wearing them no matter the occasion. You only have to look at any major fashion television program to find another example of someone who should be dressed formally, instead wearing some kind of t shirt under their sport coat or suit.

The t-shirt market has recently become inundated with various trendy, hipster, style of tee shirt, but not all of them can live up to the quality or humor of the I Am brand of fishing shirts. To begin with, each shirt is made of a partial rayon and cotton blend to give you that perfect ‘comfy’ feeling when being worn, such as a shirt that has been through the washing machine several thousand times and has become the easy favorite, regardless of if it has holes in it or not. Instead of wearing a shirt with holes, buy a new shirt that has the same feeling!

Don’t go hunting around vintage shops looking for funny t-shirts that have already been lived in and could be either laden with holes or someone else’s sweat, no matter how many times it’s been washed. Get your own fishing shirts and have a brand new shirt all for you!

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