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Handprinted. Extremely Soft. Vintage Shirts.
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Cool T-Shirts

Super Soft Vintage Cool T-Shirts

There is nothing better than having a drawer full of cool t-shirts to choose from when you are going out and want to make a statement. As conversation starters, these incredibly comfortable shirts go far beyond any other type of clothing apparel – after all, how can you not start up a conversation with an attractive young woman wearing a tee shirt that reads “motorboat”? Or perhaps the Facebook riff with the small thumb symbol indicating that you ‘like’ big butts, a reference to a prior somewhat infamous music video? Regardless of your taste in humor, the I Am Funny brand of tee shirt has something to appeal to everyone.

What makes these cool t-shirts even better is that I Am Funny has made a point of making them as comfortable as possible. Normally, in order to get a cotton tee shirt to the point where it is broken in and has that amazingly ‘comfy’ feeling, you have to run a shirt through the wash dozens, if not more, times. In doing so, invariably, the colors on the shirt get worn out or the decal on the shirt – the reason you bought it in the first place – flakes off or goes thin. I Am Funny’s brand of cool t-shirts come already that comfortable because of the partial Rayon blend; just like the vintage tee shirts of old, these shirts feel incredibly soft. Unlike those old vintage tees, however, the design on the I Am brand of funny t-shirts is incredibly resistant to the logo wearing out because of the special, proprietary, ink that is dyed into the fabric itself. Instead of simply some iron on design, each pattern is hand designed and is part of the shirt itself. You’ll never have to worry about taking this shirt from the dryer only to find that your favorite design is gone or flaking away.

Something that is additionally cool, t-shirts from the I Am Funny brand come with their own special good luck charm. Each one comes with a Fava Bean that has been hand painted with a good luck phrase or comment. As something that only comes with a humorous t-shirt from I Am Funny, these beans make excellent conversation pieces or simply a little piece of home grown, USA, good luck to carry around in your pocket.

Don’t buy just any funny tee shirt; mall stores and department stores sell them incredibly cheaply, but you get exactly what you pay for; perhaps a few good times wearing that funny phrase or logo until the shirt becomes comfortable – but no longer funny. Keep your shirts comfortable and funny with the cool t-shirts from I Am Funny Shirts!

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