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Aviation T-Shirts

Different Aviation T-Shirts

Pilots are a world apart from everyone else, and need aviation t-shirts to prove it. No one else can quite know the wonders of flying – of seeing the world from hundreds of feet up or higher, nor can they understand the ultimate freedom that comes from flying and the aviation past time. Instead of simply putting some funny comment that is apropos of nothing, these shirts proudly proclaim, in truly pilot humor, your love of the skies and of travel in general. Each one of these aviation t-shirts are made here in the United States of America. The shirt, itself, is flown to New Orleans where they are printed – the shirt has put in flight hours before it ever even reaches you! Once in New Orleans, with the I Am Funny tee shirt company, its life begins. Because of the special blend of fibers and partial Rayon presence, these shirts start out as comfortable as if they had been through the wash dozens of times. Vintage tee shirts from the sixties and seventies are prized for this quality, but finding one that both matches your passion for flying and is still clean, comfortable, and complete is sometimes a challenge.

With aviation t-shirts from I Am Funny, you get the benefit of that comfort without having to go hunting for vintage clothing that someone else wore decades ago. Furthermore, those older shirts often have the design worn completely out, so while the shirt is incredibly comfortable, it is not exactly the most stylish choice to wear. These funny t-shirts come, not only as comfortable as any vintage tee, but with designs and logos that will last for the life of the shirt. Instead of ironing on a decal or dying only the top of the shirt, I Am Funny’s printing process dyes the ink into the full shirt itself – meaning it will never fade or crack from travel through the dyer.

I Am Funny, furthermore, offers many of their aviation t-shirts for free by doing weekly giveaways. Once you have signed up for the email list, you will receive weekly updates, specials, and chances to win a free tee shirt from them. Additionally, they are always looking for more models to put on their site wearing their tee-shirts; as a pilot, they would love nothing more than to see pictures of you with your plane while wearing your incredibly comfortable shirt. Better than that would be a photo of you actually flying while wearing any of the I Am brand of aviation t-shirts!

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